Experience a new type of Luxury Limousine Bus. With all the ammenities of a traditional Limousine and more, the Chicago Party Bus is spacious and designed for large groups. The difference between ordinary, and extraordinary! Our Chicago Party Bus are the ultimate hospitality experience! With all the comfort and glitz of a super-stretched limousine, it has the feel of being inside your own personal business jet. We proudly feature Chicago Party Bus Mid-size Luxury Buses. The Ford F550 Chicago Party Bus can pack up to 25 people in comfort and style. The Chicago Party Bus looks basic from the outside, with beautiful paint job, tinted windows, and usually, pulled down curtains. Only once you get inside you realize that this is no ordinary bus. Leather seats, lightshow, audio system, fog machines and in some models even a strip poll take you on an adventure that will stick in your memory for years. The best use of this Chicago Party Bus  is for bachelor / bachelorette parties, birthdays , wedding , prom, and large get togethers.

Why you should hire a Chicago Party Bus !!!

A reasonably-priced alternative to driving around in separate cars For nights out involving numerous people and multiple stops, a party bus can actually end up being a well-priced option for getting around town. Remember, a group of 25 people is likely to require five separate vehicles in order to shuttle everybody from place to place. Instead of paying for gas, tolls, and parking for the various cars involved, it might make more sense to hire a single vehicle, a party bus to drive everyone around town. This especially holds true in cities where parking garages are expensive and free parking is sparsely available. Before you assume that a party bus is bound to be much more expensive than coordinating rides among the members of your group, do the math. You might be pleasantly surprised to learn that a party bus is actually a reasonable alternative to driving on your own.

Make the night go smoothly From a logistical standpoint, it’s easier to have all members of a large party travel together throughout the night, rather than have everyone attempt to meet up at different points at the same time. By having a party bus waiting at each locate on your party tour, you won’t have to worry about people going missing or falling behind in between stops.

No need for designated drivers The problem with group outings is that for every three or four people out on the town, at least one designated driver is needed. If you’ve got a number of non-drinkers in your circle of friends then this might not be a problem. However, if that isn’t the case, then you’re likely to find yourself caught in the middle of a “not it” debate amongst the various members of your party, all of whom are likely to want to let loose for the night. A party bus can eliminate the need for a designated driver so that everyone invited to the festivities at hand can indulge and have fun without worry. It is also an unfortunate fact that sometimes even the designated driver will push the limits and have a number of drinks throughout the night. By hiring a party bus, you’ll be doing your part to ensure that all members of your party get home safe and without incident.

Save money on alcohol There’s no question that bars and nightclubs charge a premium for even the most basic of drinks. The fact that you’re allowed to drink your own alcohol on a party bus (provided that you are of a legal drinking age) might save you some money on beverage-related markups over the course of the night. After all, it’s far cheaper to buy a six-pack of beer and drink it in between stops than it is to purchase six individual beers at bar and club prices.

Party buses feel like a party If you have to deal with driving your car back and forth between places and finding parking at each locale, then it can detract from the party-like atmosphere of the evening. On the other hand, a party bus offers a fun, festive backdrop for the rest of the evening’s activities. With a party bus, you can start the celebration from the moment your group leaves the pickup point and keep it going strong until you’re all dropped off back home.

 The most important thing to know, is, how many passengers you have. We have party busses of different sizes 16-18 passengers, 18-25 passengers, 26-36 passengers. You need to have a valid credit card so you can hold the reservation, YOUR CREDIT CARD WILL NOT BE CHARGED!!!.
 First 15 min are complimentary, after that every minute is beeing charged $2.